Sam + Sarah

Barn at Harvest Moon Pond, Poynette, WI

Star Wars vs Harry Potter The bridesmaids held Harry Potter wands. The groomsmen flashed lightsabers. Their entrance music for Sarah was from Lord of the Rings. This is one of my favorite weddings of all times.

Purcell Family

Private Residence, Madison, WI

Growing younger with family. The Purcell family had invited me back to photograph their family. It’s always an honor to come back and thank you for allowing us to be a part of it all!

Luke + Kelly

Private Residence, Ripon, WI

Muddin… To quote the Lego movie “this is awesome!”. Had a blast photographing Kelly + Luke’s wedding on the farm. Such a laid back and relaxed couple. So much that she really, REALLY, wanted to trash her dress on her wedding day. And Luke happily obliged.

Bret + Heather

Coldwater Pavilion + Chula Vista Wisconsin Dells, WI

Bret + Heather are amazing! The Coldwater Canyon Pavilion which is where their ceremony was held was breathtaking in it’s Yavin beauty (star wars geek reference). After the ceremony and dinner, we took a booze cruise up and down the river before arriving at Chula Vista for the dancing and sparklers. And the biggest surprise -> our next door neighbor was part of the wedding party and knew the groom since childhood! Small World. This … Continued

Brandon + Samantha

Wausau, WI

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes. Their engagement session reached temperatures of in the negative range with wind chill. So I was happy when warm weather greeted us for Brandon + Samantha’s big day this past weekend.

Justin + Sarah

Northport, MI

Less than two weeks ago, we got wind that Justin + Sarah’s original wedding photographer had an emergency come up. So we decided to cancel our own 8 year anniversary plans and jumped in the car to drive to beautiful upper Michigan to help out. So glad we did.